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Hair Extensions

So.Cap Hair Extension Style with Knowledge

Hair Extensions

  • 100% human hair imported from Italy
  • So.Cap hair extensions come in the largest variety of colors, lengths and textures of any other manufacturer, giving you nearly infinite combination options
  • So. Cap maintains the highest level of integrity of the hair they sell by making its products available only to So.Cap trained and certified stylists.
  • Many steps are taken to ensure the hair maintains a standard of excellence
    The keratin bond is like putting a decal on a t-shirt. The decal becomes part of the fiber of the shirt, and it won’t come out

    Who should not get So.Cap hair extensions?

    • Hair thinning
    • Damaged hair that is breaking
    • Hair loss due to illness

    Q & A’s

    Can I brush my hair? Absolutely, in fact we encourage brushing your hair as normal with the So.Cap Hair Brush. If you do not brush your hair, this will cause tangling and possible breakage upon removal.

    Can I wash and style my hair? Wash your hair and extensions as you normally would, condition only the middle to end of your hair (conditioner should not touch the bond). When using hot tools, just make sure you’re not putting the heat on the bond.

    How long do the extensions last? So.Cap hair extensions can last up to 6 months, however it is not recommended to go that long. We suggest taking them out around 3 to 4 months.

    Can I reuse my extensions? NO, unfortunately the bond is broken down by the solution to remove them.

    What happens if one falls out? Don’t fret, you should lose 1 to 5 every month ((if you follow the rules)

    What happens if they start falling out before the first month? So.Cap guarantees their extensions for one full month, if they start to come out, we will replace the ones that have departed from your head.

    Why are they so expensive? So.Cap uses 100% real human hair and the bonds are made of keratin (that is good for your hair, your hair is made up of keratin). The time and effort to make sure they are placed perfectly for comfort and functionality.

    Pricing is based on the measurements of an individual’s head. Cost is $6 per strand, typically a full head ranges anywhere from 150 to 200 strands. Once again, the certified stylist will do the measurements to get an accurate amount needed. However, we do recommend getting at least 10 additional strands for “just in case” purposes. If overnight shipping is required, the guest will be responsible for this fee.

    This price does not include the hair brush that is needed and required for at-home care; this will be an additional purchase. Removal of So.Cap extensions are based upon an hourly fee of $100 an hour. The process should not take long if guest is doing her daily maintenance that is required.

    This includes a shampoo and blow dry (iron work is extra).