Salon 427 Spring Hill Haircut and Styling Services

Haircut & Style

Our Services Price
Women’s Cut $25 & Up
Women’s cut w/ Thermal Finish $35 & Up
Men’s Cut $18 & Up
Casual Braid w/Service $10 & Up
DryBar Experience $35
DryBar Experience with Luxury Condition Treatment $50
Hair Treatment Services


Our Services Price
Clarifying $18 & Up
Protein or Moisture $25 & Up
Color Protect $25 & Up
Shine Enhancement $25 & Up
Keratin-Full $250 & Up
Keratin-Express $100 & Up

Hair Coloring Services


Our Services Price
PM Shines $35 & Up
PM the color XG $50 & Up
Retouch $40 & Up
Foil Highlight $45 & Up
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Balyage $125 & Up
Ombré $125 & Up
Corrective Color Ask Us!
Threading and Waxing Services

Threading and Waxing

Our Services Price
Brow Tinting $10
Brow Waxing $10
Lip Waxing $10
Full Face Waxing $30
Brow Threading $13
Lip Threading $13
Full Face Threading $35
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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Spring Hill, FL

Salon 427 Hair Extension Specialists are knowledgeable and experienced in a number of different hair extension application techniques. The application technique that best suits your hair type and desired look will be established during a thorough and informative consultation.

Read below for a brief description of the various application methods we offer.


Micro links can be known as micro beads or locks, they are gentle to put in and easy to take out. Links can be added for length and volume. There is no glue or heat used when applying. To apply, a small silicone bead is placed onto the base of the guest’s hair, with an individual strand of extension that is attached. Guests need to be careful not to use conditioner near the bead to help reduce slipping of the extension. Your guest will have to come in every couple of months to have the extensions re-tightened. Micro links last about four months.


Tape-ins can be used for some length, but we recommend them for more volume and thickness. It takes only a short amount of time to apply the extensions. The guest needs to come in every six to eight weeks to have them removed and reapplied. They are applied with a heated tool that heats up a thin strip of glue on the hair weft. The guest’s hair is put between two wefts to create a seal. They have to be careful with using heavy conditioners or oils because that can cause slipping. They are nice for guests because they can reuse the extensions many times before having to order new sets.


Hot or cold fusion is used on individual keratin bonds. Fusion extensions are great for guests seeking length and volume and want little maintenance while the extensions are in. The guests can treat the extensions as if it were their own hair. Fusion extensions might not be suitable for the guest that has compromised hair due to the stress it can cause. It can take about two to three hours to have a full head of extensions put in and they last about four months. This is one of the more costly extensions.

Halal Suite

We understand the need for privacy for certain guests as we cater to celebrities, men with hair systems, and women who need a female stylist. Please call 352-684-4444 to reserve our private Halal Suite.


A few years ago, a guest walked into the salon in asking if we could accommodate their request for privacy we gladly put up the largest banners we had available to block off a corner of the salon and prohibited male employees and guests from approaching the area. Through community feedback we learned that though the accommodation was appreciated, being barricaded in a lonely corner is not an overall pleasant or enjoyable experience one would eagerly look forward to.

Our space at the time was about 1000 square feet smaller than what we have now so in order to provide a better experience we needed to use our space creatively. We decided to have several floor-to-ceiling length blackout curtains professionally sewn together to be hung from IKEA curtain tracks we installed in the ceiling. When the curtain was pulled, it would wrap around two fully stocked and fully functional Design Centers allowing for a comfortable and private area for a guest or two to feel comfortable unveiling and fully enjoy services without fear.
Again, we thought it was great! We thought we’d nailed it! But, again we’d overlooked some key obstacles Muslim women are keenly aware of. One thing was the security camera secured in the ceiling in the top corner of the wall – it’s something that completely blended in to the background of our daily operations so much so that we didn’t even notice it anymore and that’s exactly the sort of thing that keeps Muslim women from truly relaxing. How can they be sure that traditional salons have thought of everything when they haven’t walked a day in their shoes?

During the planning stages for our new location we knew it was important to us to create a completely private fully functional design suite that included a wash bowl. It was designed with enough space to accommodate two guests at once taking in to consideration the feedback of “the lonely corner” we once had and also knowing that many people like to enjoy services with a friend or family member.
We took the same curtain from the previous location and hung it across the interior of the room’s only entryway. When a woman has unveiled in the room, the curtain is extended across the door to prevent accidental sightings from anyone who may pull open the door not realizing that it was occupied. We could lock the door, sure… but who wants to enter a room and hear the door lock behind them, especially when it’s their first visit – that can be unsettling. We want the environment to feel safe and relaxing.

We wanted to mimic they type of experience a guest would receive in the main design area by incorporating the same modern upbeat atmosphere in to the design. Guests can connect their personal device to a bluetooth speaker installed in the room for a personalized audio experience. A television, small refrigerator and additional comfortable seating will be added in the coming months. The more we learn from the experiences of our guests, the Halal Suite will continue to develop to provide the best experience possible.

The Halal Suite’s primary focus is on accommodating the privacy needs of our Muslim guests but is absolutely available to be reserved in advance for individual use or small private parties as well.

Halal Suite Request